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From the Editor
In this issue, Queen City Writers features the work of students from Maine to California. Our Inquiry section includes a plea to educators to teach English as a second or other language without forsaking students’ first languages; a call to empower female characters in speculative fiction television shows such as Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries, and Doctor Who; and a trailblazing analysis based almost entirely on primary research of student enculturation into the scientific discourse community comprised of developmental neurobiologists. In a remarkable display of diverse writing styles, our featured author in the Snapshots section reflects on his experiences – his reading, his thinking, his writing – and the connections he discovered between his literature courses. In Storming the Gate, a freshman composition from a course on Russian and Polish film analyzes the role of clothing and the concept of “otherness” in three Russian films. Finally, in our Multimedia section, a writer/composer/philosopher imagines a conversation between authors of source material from his academic essay, and the result is a music video featuring his original lyrics.

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Lisa Beckelhimer