What Writers Say About the Review Process

Because the review process common to academic journal publication is unfamiliar to most undergraduate writers, we’ve begun compiling comments from those who have gone through the process with our fabulous QCW reviewers. It’s exciting to see the substantive revision that our contributors go through behind the scenes, so we’re happy to share what they say about that process when invited to do so.

“Working with Queen City Writers was an amazing experience on many different levels. The entire process was one of encouragement and learning. The review process, in particular, has taught me what to expect for other publications and writing my thesis. I will never forget this experience and I am every thankful that Queen City Writers was there for me as an undergraduate student who was fumbling through her first publication. Thank you, Queen City Writers!” Holly McElrea, Fall 2014 and Spring 2014

“The QCW reviewers respectfully critiqued my work and so helped me improve my essay’s quality exponentially. No matter your amount of publishing experience, Queen City Writers meets you where you are, offering a friendly but professional gateway into the publishing world.” Cheyenne Franklin, Fall 2015

“The review process is strong because it is two-fold – one read through to suggest higher-order changes, and another to address lower-order concerns. The first round of reviews I received were very thorough and offered me helpful suggestions about structure and content throughout the original paper. The second focused more on style in order to make the work more accessible. Throughout, reviewers were considerate and timely.”  Maria Alberto, published in Fall 2014

“It was great to get experience in a professional publishing process through working with Queen City Writers. This helped me learn about what academic editors look for in a piece of writing and has better prepared me for future publication experiences.” Laura Bet, published in Fall 2014

 “In an era of economized curricula, where student work is processed rather than critiqued, Queen City Writers provided me with a rare opportunity to glimpse the review and publishing process. Both supportive and professional, the staff worked alongside me to refine my writing and clarify my thinking. Beyond a mere query-to-press conveyor, this journal aims to bolster students’ pre-professional experiences, preparing them for a future in academia.” John Smilges, published in Fall 2014

 “The reviewers for Queen City Writers are phenomenal. Their comments revealed aspects of my paper previously invisible to me, in a tone both friendly and professional. I was able to develop a whole new angle on my argument because of their advice.” Kelsey Nakaishi, published in Fall 2012