4.1 Fall 2015

From the Editor

Quintilian Education and Additive Bilingualism
Cheyenne Franklin, University of Louisville

The Role of Scientific Literacy in the Discourse Community of Developmental Neurobiologists
Juliana Madzia, University of Cincinnati

The Depowering and Deflowering of Female Characters in Speculative Television
Bekah Witten, University of Tampa

Storming the Gate:
The Dynamic Symbolism of Clothing in Russian Cinema: An Analysis of Borders and Identity
Alex D. Luta, Georgetown University

A Feeling for What I Write
Randall Allen, West Los Angeles College

Reflection on Randall Allen’s Work
Professor Holly Bailey-Hofmann, West Los Angeles College

Basic Income in Song
Joel Glidden, University of Southern Maine

Teacher Statement on Joel Glidden’s “The Basic Income Song”
Professor Ann C. Dean, University of Massachusetts Lowell