9.1 Fall 2020

A Friendly Kiss: Lesbian Exploitation Under the Guise of Friendship 
by Gabby Paisner, University of San Francisco 

COVID-19 and the Rhetoric of Racism 
by Ethan Liu, University of San Francisco  

Digital Healing: Womanist Counter Narrative During COVID-19 
by Jocelyn Billheimer, Prairie State College 

Racial Diversity and Representation in Saturday Night Live  
by Tana-Isabela Anulacion, University of San Francisco 

The Age of Global Apathy 
by Jessa Westheimer, Carnegie Mellon University 

Storming the Gate 
A Message from the Short Indian Girl in the Back Corner 
by Ria Parikh, University of Cincinnati 

Lessons from Our Past: Free Speech on College Campuses 
by Alex Parker, University of California, Santa Barbara