10.1 Fall 2021

Using Books to Combat Mental Illness Stigma: A Rhetorical Analysis of Public Discourse Sparked by American Young Adult Novels
by Rachel Hagerman, Arizona State University

Queen City Writers Analysis
by Lukas Angelus, University of Illinois

Inside the Writing World: Defining the Term “Writer” in Multiple Contexts
by Brianna Lopez, Barry University

Swifties Make Sense of the Pandemic: Illuminating Pandemic Themes in iTunes Reviews of Taylor Swift’s folklore
by Sarah Wagoner, North Carolina State University

What Black Lives Matter Has Learned from the Civil Rights Movement
by Courtney Scales, Barry University

Storming the Gate
Photojournalism in the Flint Water Crisis
by Aarya Mishra, University of San Francisco

Response to “On Telling the Story” by Jorge Vinales
by Desislava Yordanova, Belmont Abbey College

A Community in Crisis: Reddit’s r/premed
by Lily Weber, Northeastern University