7.2 Spring 2019

The Aura of Analog: Reckoning with Our Past
Chris Pasion, University of Cincinnati

Show and Tell: The Enhancement of English Literature through American Sign Language
Jamie Rester, Rochester College

You’ve Been Framed: The Commodification of Graffiti Culture
Abby Meola, Stevens Institute of Technology

Anthony Bourdain & Puerto Rico: An Island of Non-Identification
Maison Allen, Moravian College

“What if I’m the Bad Guy?”: Twilight’s Reinforcement of the “Bad Boy” Stereotype
Rebecca Jaffe, University of Central Florida

Raising a Researcher: The Role of Mentorship in Laboratory Environments
Lindsay Bischoff, University of Cincinnati

Mentoring Tutors-in-Training: A Peer-Educator’s Role in Shaping Writing Center Practice
Cara Morgan, University of Maine