3.1 Fall 2014

From the Editor

Where’s Waldo Wallace?: Infinite Jest’s Return to Reality
John Smilges, Capital University

The Boy Who Would Not Grow Up and the Girl Who Did: Comparing the Narratives of J.M. Barrie and P.J. Hogan’s Peter Pan
Holly McElrea, University of Winnipeg

Greek Mythology and Modern American Comic Books: How the Heroes of the Ancients Influenced the Superheroes of Today
Susan Dorta, Barry University

Prejudice and The Scapegoating of Robots in Asimov’s I, Robot
Vanessa Nunes, University of Winnipeg

Between the Bed and the Bars: The Gothic as Gender Difference in Poe and Gilman
Maria Alberto, Cleveland State University

Storming the Gate:
Fighting the Others: Torture and Fear in Lost
Laura Bet, University of Washington

Concept in 60 Video: TIME
Amelia Mulder, University of Cincinnati

Teacher Statement on “Concept in 60” Assignment
Christina LaVecchia, University of Cincinnati