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From the Editor

Queen City Writers is pleased to offer this issue highlighting the critical thinking of undergraduates from coast to coast and Canada. In our Inquiry section, students unpack themes from several genres, including mythology, comic books, science fiction, Gothic stories, a children’s play/musical/movie, and a postmodern encyclopedic novel. Some of the questions that writers investigate include: Can robots experience racism? How does a biographical narrative voice impact the rhetorical context of an 1,100-page, postmodern novel? What does Superman have in common with Perseus? How do authors’ genders impact their perceptions of their own characters? Does the film version of our beloved Peter Pan lack the magic of the stage script? In Storming the Gate, a first-year writer tackles another genre as she interrogates themes of fear and torture – and draws parallels to contemporary American military tactics – in the iconic TV show Lost. Finally, through a deft combination of moving and still images, sounds and silence, a videographer shows how even the most mundane moments in our lives matter in her 60-second concept video in our Multimedia section.

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Happy reading!
Lisa Beckelhimer