6.1-2 Fall/Spring 2017-18

The Front Page of the Internet: An Echo Chamber of Conflict
Gabriel Haaker

A Portrait of the Fan-Artist as a Young Woman: A Study of North American Cultural Influences on a Singaporean Fan Artist
Soon Hao Jing

Postmodern In-Betweenness: Renegotiating Religious Identity in Mohja Kahf’s The Girl in the Tangerine Scarf
Sabrina Khela

Alba gu bràth: Scottish Resistance to English Union in the Eighteenth Century
Anthony O’Connell

Let Her Eat Cake: Marian as Both the Consumed and the Consumer
Cajetan Sorich

Storming the Gate:
Dove Influencing Beauty: One Rhetorical Element at a Time Through Commercials and Social Media*
*This essay was originally published in 12.1/13.1 of XChanges
Paulina Alvarez

Nicole Tanquary

Digital Map Artist Statement: My Prague Experience (2.0)
by Nicole Cuneo

Digital Possibilities Project Artist Statement
by Oliver Moody

Teaching Statement for Digital Mapping Possibilities Assignment
April Conway