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From the Editor

Queen City Writers is thrilled to offer this issue in honor of the many 2013 anniversaries related to the Civil Rights Movement. Our Inquiry section boasts more essays than any of our previous issues. Writers explore the impact of the Civil Rights Movement on U.S. geopolitical territories; how Henry Hampton’s documentary series Eyes on the Prize draws upon collective memory to present and, in some cases, distort history; what scholars say about how the Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. did or did not manipulate violence and media coverage to further the goals of the Civil Rights Movement; how Tony Kushner’s portrayal of Abraham Lincoln in the recent Oscar-winning film Lincoln can teach current political leaders a powerful lesson about oppression and dehumanization; and how the Black Power and Civil Rights Movements are remembered differently for their tactical uses and ideologies of violence. We also present a book review by a non-traditional student, an interview with a new author, and a first-year writer’s research essay arguing that America’s War on Drugs is used as a tool for mass incarceration of black community members.

Thanks for reading,
Lisa Beckelhimer, Editor-in-Chief