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From the Editor
Queen City Writers asked students to consider, loosely interpreted, “the arts” – what comparisons exist between writing and other art forms, how art forms can be analyzed rhetorically, and how narratives and digital media can be used to explore the arts. We are pleased to offer this issue highlighting the best work related to our call, from students in Cincinnati, Washington, Michigan, and Oklahoma. Our Inquiry section opens with an analysis of what a senior rhetoric major and writer calls “wordless rhetoric” – instrumental music – followed by rhetorical analyses of two very different art forms: map making and match making. In a moving Snapshot of how she uses art composition to help others, a future art therapist shares both her words and her visual art. In Storming the Gate, a first-year writer weaves a story of dance, literature, and Russian history into a tapestry of events leading her to major in archaeology, a field she describes as guided by “tangible truth.” Finally, in our Multimedia section, by integrating footage of herself, her brother, and professional dancers and athletes, a dancer argues through video that dance is more art than sport.

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Thanks for reading,
Lisa Beckelhimer