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From the Editor

Queen City Writers is delighted to present Issue 5.1, highlighting the critical thinking of undergraduates from Georgia, Massachusetts, Iowa, California, New York and Canada.

The writers featured in our Inquiry section examine the monstrous consequences of patriarchy in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein; reaffirm the importance of rhetorical sovereignty in preserving Native American traditions; interrogate the places and spaces of American universities where students can find agency as they acquire new discourses; and explore the fraught landscape of Instagram for young women who may not fully grasp the power of visual rhetoric. In Storming the Gate, a first-year writer explores another consequence of #OscarsSoWhite—a dearth of realistic Middle Eastern characters on screen and Middle Eastern actors at awards shows. Finally, our Multimedia feature is a meta-communicative How-to video on making How-to videos.

It is my pleasure to introduce Issue 5.1 of Queen City Writers, my first issue as editor. While I have always enjoyed reading QCW and respected Professor Lisa Beckelhimer’s tenure as editor, after several stumbles and a few setbacks as I learned the ropes of the journal, I have new-found admiration for how easy she made this position look. I hope my efforts can live up to the fine tradition she established. I would also like to thank Dr. Laura Micciche for her guidance and support.

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Thanks for reading!
Alli Hammond

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