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Concept in 60 Video: TIME by Amelia Mulder

The concept I tried to capture in this video is time and the longing for a past experience that has ended. I decided to incorporate events that took place all in one day in order to emphasize how the majority of our lives are made up of the small, mundane moments that we don’t usually consciously recognize. Our memories mostly consist of the moments and experiences we view as significant, but those moments are actually only a small fraction of our lives.

I chose to express my concept through video because I was able to say more visually than I would have been able to say with words. I had photography experience before making this video because I am studying photojournalism, but I had no prior videography experience. This project was my first attempt at filming and editing. I felt like this medium was appropriate because video reflected the constant movement and passage of time more successfully than any other medium.

The only sound I used was a ticking clock. Its purpose was to persistently remind the viewer of the unrelenting passage of time. This passage will always be part of our lives and we cannot escape it. I chose to exclude any other source of noise from my video because when I tried to incorporate other sounds, it took away from the impact of the ticking clock.

The end of this video was supposed to represent looking back on the memories and experiences of the day as well as express a longing for the past. I realized that I’ve always seemed to struggle with moving on from certain experiences in my life. I spend too much time dwelling on the past rather than focusing on the present moment and the future. My goal for this piece was to make people think about time and how it affects them every day. Most people experience waiting for something or lingering over memories at some point during their life, so I hope viewers will be able to relate to what I was trying to express.

MulderAmelia Mulder is a senior at the University of Cincinnati studying English-Creative Writing. She made this video for a digital composing class last fall. The assignment was to capture a concept in 60 seconds. Upon graduation, Amelia hopes to continue working for Appalachia Service Project and other non-profit organizations.

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